Ruby’s Second Hand opened its doors in 2009. Located in Siren, WI in our 11,000 square foot facility, Ruby’s SecondHand Store provides a local shopping resource for individuals with real needs on a limited budget.  It also is a resource for others to drop off gently used items and receive a tax-deductible receipt.

The Ruby’s Secondhand Store is more than just a thrift store.  Ruby’s donates backpacks to the school for the Backpack program.  The Thrift Store also works with Burnett County to provide clothing for those in need by giving vouchers to the Burnett County Social Services for emergency clothing needs to those who come to the county for help.

Also located at the Ruby’s Second Hand Store, is Ruby’s Food Shelf which serves over 140 families each month.


“When we saw the need our community, by God’s grace we were given the resources to open our doors in 2009. Since that time, we have seem more than 100,000 items go through this store. It really feel good to know we are making a difference for our neighbors.”


Everyday we have people coming through the store with limit budgets but real needs. Whether it is items for the home or clothing for their children, it brings us great joy to be someone’s solution.

And you never know what found treasures you may find!


Ruby’s Second Hand donates backpacks to the school for the Backpack Program.

We work with Burnett County to provide clothing for those in need. We hold various fundraisers for our community throughout the year.

Ruby’s Second Hand also gives linens to the non‐profit Animal Wellness Center to help them save money and keep costs down to treat the animals.


At Ruby’s Second Hand, we believe that needs are only truly met when the spiritual and physical needs are met.

We support local ministries and churches in their efforts to meet the spiritual needs of this community by provide resources to show the practical love of Christ.

“Everyday I get to meet new people that find new purposes for lightly used things. It might be considered odd, but when new things come in, I get so excited about who will find this restored treasure and put it to good use.”

“I love the Christian music and the way you treat your customers. Awesome deals.”

“Your donation guy deserves a raise! Best customer service I’ve seen in a while!”

“Love your countless items. Thank you for all the hours you put in to keep this store awesome!”